Past Festivals


Here are the artists that were selected for the 2018 SDI Festival


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"Digital Afterlife"

Richard James Allen

Richard James Allen is the Director and Creative Producer of The Physical TV Company. He has guided dozens of film projects and is a three-time ATOM Award winning director and producer. His work has been commissioned and purchased for multiple broadcasts by ABC and SBS-TV (Australia), and picked up for broadcast in China, Europe and USA. Richard’s multi-award-winning productions with Physical TV have travelled to hundreds of film festivals on five continents, including the most selective and prestigious dance film festivals in the world. In additional to his work as a director, producer, writer, actor and dancer for the screen, he has an extensive track record in creating work for the stage, written nine published books of poetry and edited a national anthology of writing for performance. Richard won Chancellor’s Award for Most Outstanding PhD Thesis for his doctorate at the University of Technology, Sydney. He teaches directing at Sydney Film School, writing at CAPA International Education, dance and technology at the Australian College of Physical Education, and performance and film at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (Sydney, Australia).

Karen Pearlman

Karen Pearlman writes, directs and edits screen productions and she writes about screen culture and creative processes. Karen is a director of the multi-award winning Physical TV Compnay, through which she has developed, produced, directed or edited numerous highly acclaimed short films. Her recent period drama short, Woman with an Editing Bench, won eight awards including an ATOM Award for Best Short Fiction Film and an Australian Screen Editors Guild Award for Best Editing in a Drama – Short Film. Her earlier documentary, …the dancer from the dance was a finalist for an Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance on Screen and a finalist for an ATOM Award for Best Arts Documentary. Karen has had a distinguished career as a professional dancer and directing two dance companies. She holds a Doctorate of Creative Arts from the University of Technology Sydney, two Masters degrees and a BFA in Dance from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. She has published essays and articles for respected academic journals like The Journal for Performance Studies. Karen is a lecturer in Screen Productions at Macquarie University and held the post of Head of Screen Studies at AFTRS for 6 years.


Monica Campbell

Monica Campbell has received awards for her choreography. Her screen dance, Triumvirate, was an official selection in the Outlet Dance Film Festival, the Tiny Dance Film Festival and the Utah Dance Film Festival where it won an audience choice award. Monica has danced nationally and internationally with Diavolo Dance Theater and served as Associate Artistic Director from 2004-2006. Her company, Monica Campbell & Dancers were the winner of the Rocky Mountain Choreography Festival. Monica received her M.F.A. in dance from the University of Utah. Currently is an Assistant Professor and the Modern Dance Program Coordinator at the Utah Valley University Department of Dance. Additionally, she is the Artistic Director of Utah Valley University’s Contemporary Dance Ensemble where she continues to choreography extensively. Her current adventure has been to expand her research from the stage to the classroom by co-creating and teaching a new class at UVU entitled Peacebuilding Through the Arts, with Dr. Michael Minch, Chair of the Peace and Justice Studies Program.

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"Dark Night, Cold Ground"

Shuan Clarke

Shaun Clarke explores how dance can be transformed through the tools of cinema. His cinematography ranges from short fictional films to nationally broadcast commercial spots to feature-length narrative and documentary films. Clarke is an Assistant Professor or Film/Digital Production at Emerson College. He has previously taught at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, Massachusetts College of Art and Design and Wentworth Institute of Technology.

"The Dreaming City"

Andrew DeJohn

Andrew DeJohn is an award-winning writer, producer and director from Erie, Pennsylvania. His greatest creative passion is using cinema to explore the anthropology and beauty of dance. He hopes that his films will help capture and communicate this wonder to people from all walks of life. In addition to dance projects, Andrew produces and writes documentary television for networks such as Discovery Channel, History Channel, Biography and Nat Geo. A graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, his thesis film Mother’s Milk (Sua Me) on the Fotokem Gold Award at the Director’s Guild of America, Best Director at the Social World Film Festival in Italy and has screened at over forty film festivals. His feature script version of Mother’s Milk (Lucky Money) won the Jack Nicholson Award for Screenwriting. Before a career in film, Andrew studied comparative religion at the University of Chicago and worked with emotionally troubled youth -- two experiences that influences much of his cinematic work to this day.

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Joseph Galba

Joseph Galba is a performer with dance, vocal and theatrical training. He graduated from Wayne State University (Detroit, MI) with a BFA in Dance. Joseph has performed nationally for the American Ballet Theatre, Michigan Opera Theatre, Biba Bell, Jenn Freeman, Shannon Mather, Meg Paul, Anna Sperber and Christian Vincent. Through his creative work, Joseph explores modes of discomfort and vulnerability, possessing an experimental spirit and fusing contemporary, modern and commercial dance styles.

"Skies Calling Skies Falling"

David Hodge and Hi-jin Kang Hodge

David & Hi-jin Kang Hodge are a husband and wife team of filmmakers and video artists. have created video installations for exhibitions around the world. Their work blends editorial materials with innovative uses of technology to explore complex human and social questions. Creating cohesive work, they identify core principles then expands on them through multiple viewpoints. David and Hi-jin are passionate about creating stories that provoke, stimulate, connect and inspire. David received a BFA in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. Hi-jin received a BA (hon) in Product Design from Central Saint Martins, College of Art and Design (London).

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"Groggy Grugg"

Conner Long

Conor Long received his undergraduate degrees in ‘Film & Media Arts’ and ‘Asian Studies.’ In the Spring of 2018, he received an MFA in ‘Film & Media Arts’ from the University of Utah. For the first 15 years of his career, Conor mixed an academic approach towards filmmaking with an intensely adventurous drive to make films all over the world. Happy to uproot himself, he prides himself on his adaptability, an attribute which opened up opportunities to make films throughout Europe and Asia. With a versatile skill-set, Conor has held many roles professionally including: writing, directing, cinematography, animation, editing and VFX. His projects include award winning shorts and his feature film, POINT B, highlighting his unique visual style and outside-the-box thinking. Since POINT B, he has been studying animation and post-production techniques, freelancing in his various specialties and fiercely writing to ensure that his next projects are great stories well told.

"Shoe Horn / Office"

Ingrid Nachstern

Ingrid Nachstern is the Founder and Director of Night Star Dance Company (Dublin, Ireland). In 2014, Ingrid extended her creative work to filmmaking. Her screen dance/experimental films have screened international. She has won seven awards between Table Manners/Stopping at Red Lights and Freedom-to-go! Ingrid has presented her work live at the Dance Theatre Workshop (NYC), Barcelona International Dance Exchange (BIDE), Buenos Aires International Dance Exchange (BAIDE). She has performed in work by Steve Paxton at the MoMA (NYC) and for Buglisi Dance Theatre at Lincoln Center (NYC).

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Sarah Prinz

Sarah Prinz is a creative director, choreographer and photographer. Her work focuses on the convergence of contemporary dance and narrative storytelling. Her foundational philosophy of art-making is inspired by gender fluidity, feminism and psychology. Sarah has as Director’s and Choreographer’s Assistant to Celia Rowlson-Hall. She received her B.A. in Film and Digital Media Production with a Minor in Dance from Loyola University of Chicago where she has won scholarships and fellowships for her creative work and research. Currently, Sarah dances for szalt dance company and is the Curator and Festival Director for In/Motion, Chicago’s International Dance Film Festival.

Daniel Rosenberg

Daniel Rosenberg (cinematographer) is a Los Angeles based writer and director focused on developing visual languages that explore the physical and psychological boundaries that we hold within ourselves and our communities. Gaining a deeper interest in interdisciplinary art-making, Daniel created Flexsus Studios, a by-artists-for-artists production company creating imaginative and progressive films and music videos. His work has reached diverse audiences in numerous festivals and galleries around the world. Daniel attended the New World School of the Arts High School in Miami, FL. He received a B.A. in Cinema Art and Sciences with a concentration in Cinematography from Columbia College Chicago and is a alumnus of the National Young Arts Foundation. Currently, Daniel is developing his own science fiction anthology television series.

Amy Wilkinson

Amy M. Wilkinson (co-choreographer/producer) is a choreographer, producer, and the Executive Director of IN/Motion: Chicago's International Dance Film Festival. She has performed extensively with numerous Chicago companies including Luna Negra Dance Theatre, Same Planet Different World, CDI/Concert Dance Inc., and Thodos Dance Chicago. Amy’s choreographic work has been performed at national and international venues including the Ravinia Festival’s Rising Stars Series, The New Prague Dance Festival, Nanjing China Normal University, The Istanbul Festival of Music and Dance, and a performance with the International Choir and Orchestra of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Recent projects involved travel to Havana, Cuba and a collaboration with Mandala Dance Company in Rome, Italy. Currently, Amy is pursuing a PhD in Higher Education at Loyola University Chicago.


Charlie Stellar

Charlie Stellar is a dancer interested in cross-training creativity with many kinds of art and stimulus. Modeling, photography, choreography, drawing, music making and more. A couple of years ago, she discovered she could combine most of these things in one art form; dance films. Sexy, silly, self-taught and steeped in site-specific experimentation, Charlie, explores her love of movement through making dance films and music video.

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Hannah Rocchi

Hannah Rocchi is an art historian, living in Bern, Switzerland. She studied art history and dance theory at the University of Bern. Currently, Hannah works as a manager of the Sommerakademie Paul Klee, an annual ten day laboratory type opportunity that brings together international artists, curators and writers to concentrate on fundamental questions and ideas challenging their profession. In addition to producing and supporting independent art and film projects, Hannah is a PhD candidate at the University of Bern and writing her doctoral thesis on dance and choreography in museums at the University of Bern.

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Sean Wirz

Sean Wirz lives in Bern Switzerland and works as an independent filmmaker. He studied in Perth, Zurich and New York City. In high school, Sean gained experience as a musician, composer and sound technicians in different bands and ensembles. This musical sense and technical expertise informs his work as a filmmaker. 2015 marks the completion of his first feature length documentary A Song for Me, for You and the project Cross the Line. Sean was the creator and manager of this publicly funded project, that enabled persons with physical disabilities to realize their own films. In 2017, he released his experimental dance short Akasha.


Laura Zago

Laura Zago, dancer, choreographer and teacher. Works on experimental creation in various artistic and cultural areas, exploring dance through theatre, performance site specific, touring urban dance. At present teaches Contemporary dance and History of dance at the ‘Istituto delle Arti/Liceo Coreutico’ of Trento, Italy. Artistic director of ‘Korarte Danza Teatro Arte’, Italian contemporary dance group founded in 2012, shares the artistic content and the video dance production with Giorgio Tollot, dancer and designer that works in various artistic and advertising areas, Federico Boni, videomaker freelance, and with Marco Valentino, that writes music for dance, theatre and short films.

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